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Matthew Eastman M.A.

Matthew Eastman

Recent Work


E-commerce • UX/UI Research & Prototyping • Front-End Dev. • UAT/QA • Product Specs.

As a web producer at, I design and manage the implimentation of web-based solutions for our enterpirse E-commerce platform. Projects include integrating Google AMP pages into our enterprise system, prototyping checkout flow for Amazon Alexa purchases, researching GDPR compliance, and developing responsive mobile pages.

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  • Teleflora Prototypes
  • AMP wire Frames
Clear shower XL

Brand & Visual Design • E-commerce UX • Front-End Dev. • Marketing Strategy

As design and marketing consultant, I work with small businesses to craft brand identity, design user experiences, and manage digital media marketing campaigns. For this client, I also designed the online and print identity for their e-commerce website, social media platform, in-store display units, brochure and materials, and the marketing plan presentation deck to join Home Depot partnership.

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BettercareMD Portfolio

UX Research • User Interviews • Prototyping • Front-End Dev. • Motion Graphics • Dashboard Design

I managed the user experience prototyping process at startup teleheallth comapny BettercareMD where I conducted UX research, developed high fidelity prototypes, and led usability test interviews with medical physicians. I designed responsive web and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Dashboard prototypes for BetterCareMD and it's sister company Accesomedico. I also worked with a motion graphic artist in storyboarding a 60 second informational motion graphic.

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  • bcmd website
  • BettercareMD EMR Mock-ups
  • BettercareMD Visual Design
  • BettercareMD Flow
hogar cotui website

Hogar de Ancianos en CotuĂ­ RD

Stakeholder Interviews • Cultural UX • Content Strategy • Motion Graphics & Video Editing

I partnered with the Lions Club International organization during a study abroad mission trip in the Dominican Republic to build an informational website for their local community center. I worked with a team of visual designers and developers, where my role was to collect content from organization stakeholder and to strategize the user experience of the website to best fit the local community's needs.

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  • Hogar Website
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The Simply Local Network

UX Research • Prototyping • Usability Testing • User Interviews • Motion Graphics • Public Speaking

The Simply Local Network is built to support the local food community in the greater North Carolina area. I partnered with the "10% Campaign," Simply Local strives to facilitate local food agriculture, business, and community. As a UX researcher I interviewed farmers to analyze current local communication systems. I then conceptualized a mobile app prototype, performed usability testing, and submitted grant proposals. Lastly, I created informational videos and a motion graphic video to promote the Simply Local Network.

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Myrtle Beach Collegiate Baseball League

Multimedia Design • Visual Design • Video Editing • Operations

One college summer, I co-created a collegiate summer baseball league - "Myrtle Beach Colligate Baseball league." In addition to being the league's Media Director, creating media content for our website and blog, I also helped recruit over 350 players, set up profit share partnerships with local business, and carried out league operations.

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  • beach blog
  • beach league opening day
  • meet the snappers
  • Fathers Day video

Nutella, Pro-feet, and more..

A collection of freelance projects for UX/UI, multimedia, and marketing.

See more of my past work including customer experience research that was presented to the Ferrero chocolates VP of North American Foodservices, Web Commercial for Pro-Feet Athletics, UX/UI designs, logo animation, and more.

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  • About Me

    Hey, I'm Matthew. I love learning and creating new things. I'm a creative technologist that lives by a simple principle - Our reality is only limited by our perception, and our perception is only limited by our knowledge. When I'm not designing solutions, I like to take roadtrips in my 77' Volkswagen bus and go scuba diving.

    Things I Love

    The Ocean
    Crypto Currency
    Krav Maga
    My Electric Scooter
    Vintage Cars
    AR, VR, 360° Video
    Music Festivals

    Places I've Traveled

    Costa Rica • Madrid • Barcelona • Ecuador • Dominican Republic • Scotland • Bahamas • Jamaica • Australia • Thailand • Japan • Canada • Mexico • Alaska • Singapore • Bali

    My Design Approach

    Design does not emerge from a moment of inspiration alone. A "Design Mind" is never off, it constantly iterates through a creative process that takes in information, encodes data, and provide solutions. We all have the capacity to be creative and design, but what makes a designer unique is the approach they craft in solving issues.

    UX Process

    Eastman Process Gif

    While no two projects are alike, we can be certain my approach for identifying issues, crafting prototypes, and testing solutions will use a combination of the following:

    Research and Analysis

    First I interview stakeholders to learn about the product and brand to define business goals and conduct UX and market research. Based on this research project, I will develop a process that digs into what makes our users tick. I document users' thoughts, feelings, and actions through user testing and a combination of excerises listed below. When finished with this step I will have clearly outlined key product and user take-aways, define the problems I will solve, and the process I'm going to take to solve these issues.

    Stakeholder Interviews
    Competetive Analyses
    User Interviews
    User Stories
    User Journeys
    Card Sorting
    Usability Evaluation

    Design and Develop

    I will facilitate creative collaboration in the ideation process through structured team brainstorming sessions and engage with stakeholders and test users for feedback. Using the outlined user insights and interaction flow, I will create wireframes, sketches, and rapid prototypes.

    Structured Brainstorming
    User Flow Diagrams
    Rapid Prototyping
    Visual Mockups
    Product Spec. Documentation
    Simple Local wireframes

    Usability Testing and Evaluate

    I use my front-end development skills to craft low and high fidelity prototypes, which I use to structure a series of user tests with specific outlined goals and a selected sample group. The feedback data gathered from these tests will be synthesized and the results will be used to drive the next steps in the design process.

    Develop Test Methods
    Usability Test
    Usability Report
    A/B Testing
    Beta Testing
    Outline Future Improvements


    My experience in enterprise E-commerce, tech start-ups, production studios, and continuous consulting work has allowed me to craft a diverse background of skills. These skills provide the high-level view to craft teams, products, and experiences. I'm a generalist when it comes to creative tools and I'm a specialist when it comes to strategizing and optimizing workflow.

    What I bring to my team

    Matthew Eastman Skill set radar grapgh


    Matthew Eastman Skill set radar grapgh

    To Learn List

    Human Computer Interaction Course
    Emotion Design for E-commerce
    PADI Rescue Scuba Diver Cert.
    And everything else.


    Elon University
  • M.A. Interactive Media Design- UX Focus
  • B.A. Media Art - New Media Focus
  • Double Major: Environmental Studies
  • That's enough about me, let's talk about you!

    If you like what you see and want to chat please contact me.

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