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Creating The Simply Local Network

1. Identify the Issue

➢ Our team filmed "You Are What You Eat:Aramark" to spread awareness about the lack of access to local food on the Elon University Campus. This documentry was showcased to public schools in North Carolina. Click to read more.

2. Research NC's Local Food Industry
Our research team compiled a 65-page report including research on Local Food deserts, a summary of over 20 in-depth interviews with farmers and distributors, and a report analyzing other local food Network communication systems. Read full report here.
3. Create Wireframes

We then crafted wire frames based off our user research.

Prototype Testing
First, we analyzed initial impressions with the interface by allowing participants to browse the interface freely. Next, we tested navigability of the interface by prompting participants with specific tasks to complete. Click here for the full report.
Grant Writing Develop
We are busy building a minimally viable product.