Creating The Activist Report

1. Research Interactive Storytelling

Researched diffeent interactive tools and tecniques while writing my masters thesis on the use of interactive media to promote activism. Click to read more.

2. Brainstorm Platform Structure and Storyflow
This stage in the process is filled with whiteboard scribbles, crinkled paper, and informational interviews. I would show you more but thats all you get bud.
Make the puzzle pieces

Video Editing, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.

Wires : Computer User Platform
Started creating wireframes while I was filming and blogging at
Computer User Platform

I repurposed an interactive video framework (Klynt) to function as a "website" and archive for the reports. This is essenaitlly home base for the activist report and designed for computer viewers. Click Here to see the Platform

Wires : WebTV User Platform

I started creating wireframes for a WebTV platform while I was an interactive media graduate student. This platform is designed for Apple TV, Chrome Cast. and other TV streaming users. I set out to make a platform that uses a web app as a remote to push the limits of what we consider "TV". Click here to see very early drafts of the map feature

WebTV Platform - Pull out your Cell Phone Enter password : enteractivism in the box above. Then go to on your cell phone and enter the same password. Click here to open the remote platform in a new tab.